There is a lub-dup inside my chest goes way too fast sometimes
It’s the stress triggers that I try to avoid as much as I can
This has never been easy
So I silence those thoughts
Shut the world, for a while
And try not to care Even if I do
Because I have to stay alive
Till the Lord deems fit

See this scar right here,yes, this one
Nobody really remembers if I came with it or got it while young
But I love it
It’s beautiful
Yes, and I don’t go around showing it
I do not wear shorts
And it’s mine to keep

Last night I couldn’t sleep
The past came calling
It’s not all pretty and I had to sit there looking at it
Cried a little, then a little more
And morning came

There are more scars
More unseen than the seen
I am flawed, Am imperfect
But am alive, Am loved
I got a chance at life that others didn’t
So I’ll live
Till the Lord deems fit

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Sherry · July 4, 2020 at 12:51 pm

The last paragraph is what is on my mind. I got a chance at life that others didn’t! And the hope…

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