Remember that day that you were having a melt down. Everything was so overwhelming that you wanted to quit. Tears had dried up and you were just there. Looking all calm and composed yet the raging storm inside almost made you burst. At some point your vision was blur, you were short of breathe and your head was on fire. Sleep decided it did not know you, the sit could not hold your weight, the floor was the only comfortable place … at the corner of the room.

You had to show up in the morning, because that is what you do, you show up no matter what. With eyes heavy of sleep, eyes bags tucked in make up, face glowing as if nothing happened last night and a coffee mug in your hands. ‘Today will be a good day,’ you say to yourself as you enter that door. An d your smile radiates the room. They envy your composure because you got things together. And today was indeed a good day. You did not breakdown in the middle of the day. The pressure is just too much but you held on to your dear sanity. The day ends and you go back to your corner, on the floor, in your house.

Gradually, you learn how to deal with the storm. You can now mutter a prayer between the sobs. You can remember the past storms that you got through. You smile. And you remember that He told you to be still and know that He is God. You let go and the storm starts to calm, the waves stilling. The kind of peace that fills your heart is so overwhelming that it amazes you.

As you turned the door knob that day, all that you wanted to do was go curl up in that corner and cry, just a little. And you did because it was a bad day and nobody deserves such. in the middle of the session, memories start flashing in your head and a faint smile appears. You get up wipe your tears and go do your chores. Because this battle aint yours to fight but the lord’s.

Many have come and gone. You have weathered the storms before and came out wiser and stronger. This storm shall pass too. He got you!

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