“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” the Preacher said. He must have seen a lot to come to this conclusion.

Baba, it’s been long since I wrote to You. I don’t know why. But am glad we talk. Things are getting uncomfortable here, this aint the right word, neither is hard. I cant quit, I prayed or something and you gave me this. I pray for strength and you get me through the day. I pray for wisdom and my you still the waves. Am I being an ungrateful child Baba?

I have desired, prayed and planned for better days. Is today mine?No, neither is tomorrow. Am reminded that we make plans and you establish them. Also, we will not be tested beyond our strength. Baba, am grateful for all that I have, all that I have accomplished.

On my low days, may I remember that I have so much more than I deserve. May I the valleys that you brought me through before and the mountains peaks you have raised me to. May my heart never forget to give thanks even when it does not make sense.

To everything, there is a season… a time to have it all together and a time to lose it. I feel like am losing it. Hold me, keep me as You have always done. Mom told me that even if you know everything, all that is going on in our lives, and what we need, we still should pray to you. Prayer aint for asking, it’s for creating a relationship with You.

It’s stormy, it’s dark and cold. It’s uncomfortable and at current, my head hurts a little too much and my eyes are drenched. Until the sky clears, dawn comes and the sun comes out, give me the strength to hold on to what is matters. Give me the strength to hold on to You.

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